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  • Log method to log strings and scalar variables
  • Dump method to inspect data structures, objects and other variables
  • Provide stacktraces
  • Provide timing
    • Script
    • Methods only
    • Arbitrary points
  • A pure perl library

How to use

All you need to do is import the library by putting this in your script: use Debugger;

Constructor arguments

log_file => path/to/debug/file

This is optional and defaults to debug.log where the script is stored.


Object instantiation

my $debug = new Debugger();
# Or
my $debug = new Debugger({
	'log_file' => '/path/to/debug/file'

Log a message or scalar variable

my $x = "some text in this variable";

Will output some text in this variable into the log file.

Dump an object or variable

Example 1
my @lines = get_lines();


Will output the contents of @lines to the log file.

Example 2
my $class = new Some::Class();

# Outputs the current state of the object

Time a script

# Top of script
my $debug = new Debugger(); # <- Time starts from constructor

#... rest of script ...

$debug->timestamp(); # <- Provides time difference from constructor to this point and logs it

Provide a stacktrace

sub a_function_nested_deeply {
  my $self = shift;

  $debug->stacktrace(); # <- Provide how we got here via stacktrace;

Get it on Github

You can download the project via github: Perl Debugger