A simple lightbox written using SASS, Handlebars, and Backbone. It is wrapped as a Backbone component to allow for easy reuse on the front end and prevent code duplication and follow DRY principles. The backbone component is basically a backbone view that you can use within your code.


  • Simple, minimum CSS written in SASS
  • Content and design is 100% customizable
  • Backbone component is a drop and run view instance
  • Component has a default close event that will remove the pop up

Tutorial on how to use it

I wrote up a post explaining how the lightbox works and also how to use the lightbox.js backbone view. You can read it here.


There are a few dependencies on getting everything compiled and in working order.

Get it on Github

You can download the source via github: lightbox

Please note, due to the way Handlebars loads and compiles templates you will need to swap out some code to add in your templating engine and your method of loading and compiling your templates.