This is a Firefox OS Application. It can be either hosted or packaged. The source is available at GitHub. The purpose of this app to show users if any of their accounts have been compromised by any data breaches. If their email address shows up on any data breach they know what sites they need to change passwords for.


The project is hosted at


  • Get a list of websites that compromised your email address
  • Find out what else was stolen aside from your email address from each service
  • Find out when it was stolen
  • A description of the hack along with some details about it

How to install


Add the following manifest path to add the application:


The listing on the Firefox Marketplace.


If you have any questions or need assistance please send me an email!

How to build

If you want to build it from source, all you need to run ruby build.rb and that will compile all the needed assets.

Data Source

All data is pulled from’s public api.