I was using skaffold dev to do my development work locally. Skaffold allows you to run your kubernetes cluster locally without requiring building and pushing your container image anywhere. Instead it builds it locally and deploys patched changes as you edit the files. I was running into an issue where I set up my sync directive to listen to my ruby and javascript files (rails stack) and map them over. However, for all other file extensions, skaffold by default will attempt to rebuild the image and restart it instead of hot patching the files only.

I noticed, whenever interacting with git, it would cycle through that entire process and generally slow things down for a minute or so. This was both annoying and frequent enough for me to investigate if its possible to ignore certain files and directories. The good thing is that not only is it supported but its not even required in skaffold. Skaffold honors anything within the .dockerignore file. So to fix the issue, I simply created one and added the .git folder there.

My .dockerignore file looks like this:

# Ignore the .git folder entirely