I recently created the pr_status gem to be able to easily get the number of pull requests I opened in the current month. The inspiration came from being able to track my progress to my commit of opening 2 pulls. I should hopefully sometime soon be able to use this gem and officially keep track of my goal and progress each month.

I found the documentation for the api a bit lacking as I was initially following the url structure provided. Something like the following:

# did NOT work!

It turns out that the values are URI escaped and so using + is not needed. A simple space is sufficient. The full api documentation is available here.

Find issues and pull requests by author

This will return all issues and pull requests opened by the author.


Find pull requests only

This will return all pull requests opened by the author.

@octokit.search_issues('author:zsyed91 type:pr')

Find pull requests opened after a certain date

The date fields follow the yyyy-mm-dd format. This is how to get all pull requests opened by the author on or after January 1st, 2016.

@octokit.search_issues('author:zsyed91 type:pr created:>=2016-01-01')

In order to exclude the starting date simply change >= to >.

@octokit.search_issues('author:zsyed91 type:pr created:>2016-01-01')

In order to get all pull requests opened on a specific date remove the > or >= qualifier.

@octokit.search_issues('author:zsyed91 type:pr created:2016-01-01')

Find pull requests by language

In order to get pull requests opened for a specific language for a certain user do the following:

@octokit.search_issues('author:zsyed91 type:pr language:ruby')


The gist of this post is just to show some examples on how to actually use the Octokit::Client api for search_issues. As stated before, the full api options can be found here. Keep in mind the api rate limit as of January 2016 is 10 requests per minute for unauthenticated requests and 30 requests per minute for authenticated requests.